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So when I updated on Friday I said that I would nap on Saturday.... total lies. I worked, then Steph, Joe, Maggie, Kelli and I went to Mambo for food and Monkey's for ice cream. Then I sat around, got ready and went to the show. All three nights went really really well, Saturday and Sunday were virtually sold out. There were 5 empty seats between the two nights. Saturday night mom, dad, Gayle, Hannah, Sarah, Susan and Derek came to the show. After Sarah and I went to Gayle's for pancakes and wine. Awesomeness. Sunday was a marathon of singing, and awkwardness abounded in Lynn. It turned out okay. We went out after to a Chinese place called "Green Tea" (I think.) Food was good, service was slooow. Lara and I enjoyed our final Mikado carpooling, and I slept. Monday I had lunch with Elizabeth at noon, taught 3:30 - 6:30 and then had Westford Chorus from 7 - 10. I only ate the chicken strips basket and ice cream yesterday. Today I opened and then sat around and had tech rehearsal part 2. Its actually shaping up. The concert "Boogie Nights" is on Saturday at 8pm at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, MA if anyone wants to go. I'm conducting 3 choral pieces and singing, "Yesterday Once More"(back-ups), "Teach Your Children," and "It's Too Late." Tomorrow I have to work and then I might get to pick up my new glasses and my contacts. Thursday.... I have a day off! Friday, opening at sbux and teaching 3:30 - 7. Saturday, open and then "Boogie Nights" at 8.

So In case you wanted to know my schedule for the rest of the week, there it was.

I wish I wasn't so out of practice conducting, this pop stuff is not easy. Every entrance in one of the songs is on the and of 4... awkward. Except one entrance on the and of 1, guess how well that goes over... "Waterloo".... damn you ABBA!!!!!
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