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I hate doctors, yah sure they're helpful and they cure shit.... whatever.

For some reason they see me and think "nope, not this one... not going to help him at all."

So after we talk about how it hurts to walk, she says "You may have gout, I'm just guessing... Now about your blood pressure, you should exercise." After the initial shock and awe that I was experiencing I calmly said "I was exercising, but now it hurts to walk."


"how about swimming? you like to swim?"

and her advice when I told her wearing shoes hurt:
"where wide shoes"


So after a useless visit with her where she told me the following things could cause the gout: Alcohol, protein, salt, and sugar, I went to the hospital lab to have x-rays done. I'm not even sure why. To make sure I don't have a bone spur that only hurts once every 26 months?

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