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oiniuneh what to do, what to do aobnqoiugbqe

I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself. In a very broad spectrum of things I could do, what do I pick? I envy those of you who have a real solid dream, a goal. I lack ambition, partially because I'm not very decisive and partially because I'm too "practical" a thinker to throw myself into something that I don't think will work well.

So here's where we're at. I have a degree in performing music. I have basically no money to speak of, and a 20-hour a week job that I can describe as "okay."

I love music, but I don't have enough in me to try and sing as a professional, I don't think I have the talent for it at a professional, make enough money to live, level. I could probably piecemeal something if I started practicing piano 23 hours of the day, people always need pianists. But then I need lessons... because otherwise I'll hurt myself. Specifically my arms and back, like this summer when I was covered in icy hot. Also, I don't want to teach forever, making life as a musician even harder...

I could easily get a better paying version of what I do now, I'm good at it, Jan writes thank you notes on all of my checks and Michelle tells me that she needs my help all the time. I don't think I'd really like it, unless the money was amazing and I got vacations galore.

I think I could be someone's personal assistant, maybe? It would just be what I do but more exciting. I'll just send Rachel Zoe my resume and wait it out until she hires me.

Speaking of Rachel Zoe, maybe design is in my future. In either a fashion or interior setting. I think I'd be good at either, and a pimp job at an architecture firm would be pretty panty-wetting. Did I mention whatever job I get has to allow for some off-color commentary?

Or trade school? Massage Therapy seems like something well within my grasp, or perhaps working in a salon?

I realize that I've listed the 6 gayest professions, not intentional. I just think that I could be good at these things and I think I'd enjoy them. Who knows what I should do, find an extra job, find a new job, go back to school... for design? computer science? (MONEY) music?...

If you got this far, people other then Jen, my congratulations and apologies. I'm sure you are just as confused and frustrated as I am with me.

In other news, in the past two weeks I've seen an amazing number of wonderful friends that I've missed. That has been at least a good thing.

I need to stop adding to this post, goodbye.
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